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This is Batts & Jara

Batts And Jara

"We market brands through creativity and crafting"

We are Team Batts and Jara! Founders of the company Batts & Jara KB, association Ale Pyssel- och Kultur förening and the popular DIY Youtube channel Batts and Jara.  With over 10 years experience of working with creative events, marketing and entertainment.  We provide event-hosting, DIY-workshops and innovative marketing solutions for companies, municipalities, organisations etc. 

Batts & Jara are among the best DIY pro's and DIY entertainers in the business.

This is Batts & Jara

We are a creative complement to your brand, event and company. We market your brand in a creative way that engages your costumers, clients, employees and potential costumers.

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Let us market your brand in a fun and creative way using DIY.
DIY marketing is an innovative way to market brands through creativity.